“I can't even explain the impact your 6 Monday night classes on my life this winter!!!  Thank you so so very much for sharing your passion and positive energy!  And your kind words! I haven't felt so creatively alive in years!!! You inspired! and I was a creative energy vampire!  I ate it right up!!!”

Darlene Moritz  2017       


“You really energized me this spring... it's been an awakening of my true self...so grateful for the way you share your art, you are an inspiration, Julie..!”

Deb Flemer 2017

My 20 years of teaching experience includes workshops for the Limestone District School Board, Lakeshore Private School, La’Acadie Module, Providence Care and currently as a service provider (encaustic workshops for leisure time) for Queen’s University’s Executive MBA program. I travel with my workshops running art retreats, teaching in schools as well as hosting them in my Kingston studio.



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